About us

Hello to my fellow HR Professionals!

I started the HR Network in 1998 to share job leads with my friends and colleagues.  Whenever I heard about an HR job opening, I would send an email to the people that I knew.  Through word of mouth my email list grew organically until it consisted of several thousand HR professionals in the Northwestern US.  The types of postings quickly expanded from just HR jobs, to best practice questions, requests for vendor referrals, information about events and volunteer opportunities.

The primary purpose of this community remains the same as the day I started it: to help my HR colleagues find jobs and to connect with resources and with each other.  My intent is to keep this community a safe, positive, honest and supportive resource.  This is not the place to criticize or judge others or to be self-promoting.  I reserve the right to use my sole discretion to refuse or delete any post that doesn’t fit the spirit of this community.

For the purpose of this network, I define HR and HR jobs broadly, to include generalists, management, benefits, compensation, employee relations, recruiting, labor relations, training, organizational development, professional coaching, payroll, career counseling, HR consultants, staffing agency professionals and even general management and administrative professionals, if there is a strong HR element to their job.  It also includes students and those in career transition, if their plan is a career in HR.  Vendors to human resources are welcome to join, with the understanding that aggressive selling through the network is prohibited.

Thank you to all the people who have been encouraging and supportive to me, to this group and to their fellow HR colleagues over the years.   And a very special thank you to my friends at Parker Smith & Feek, who offered to help me build this new website and platform.  Their generosity and expertise has helped me take this group to the next level.

I look forward to continuing to grow and evolve this group into the future!

Warm wishes for success in your Human Resources career,

-Jennifer Johnson