HR FAQ: If I suspect my employees of wrongdoing, am I permitted to video record them?

by Mark Nelson, Archbright It depends. Generally, if employees have a “reasonable expectation” of privacy, you could invade that privacy by video recording them without their knowledge. If you wish to install surveillance cameras, the safest action is to post signage in all areas where you intend to conduct surveillance and notify your employees via your handbook or a separate

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New Challenges with Remote Employees

New Challenges with Remote Employees By Mark Nelson, Senior HR Advisor Employees have more bargaining power now than they’ve had in decades and are demanding remote work remain on the table. This is a good thing in many ways, but it’s not without its challenges. Out-of-State Relocation Without Notice Employers frequently call Archbright’s HR Hotline asking for guidance on how

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Apprenti Can Help Tech Employers Solve for the Digital Skills Talent Shortage

Tech employers continue to face a pervasive digital skills talent shortage. In 2021 alone, 197,000 net new tech roles were created. However, there were only 75,000 college graduates with related degrees. More than 900,000 tech jobs went unfilled. To be sure, tech companies are challenged to recruit, train, and retain quality talent—and enough of it—to adequately meet their needs. So

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Four Tips for Employers Dealing with Drug or Alcohol Use in the Workplace

Four Tips for Employers Dealing with Drug or Alcohol Use in the Workplace With more employees working remotely, reports have shown that there has been an increase in substance abuse during work hours. Whether it is due to difficult home conditions that have brought on a drinking problem, the stress of the pandemic, or the increased availability of alcohol throughout

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Washington Employment Law Updates for 2022

Keeping informed of changing employment laws is a never-ending task, and this year is no exception! The first few months of 2022 have brought many new and changing laws in Washington state. Here’s a round-up of the most notable legal updates Washington employers should have on their radar: Salary and benefit disclosure requirements of the Equal Pay and Opportunity Act.

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Your Career in the New Year

The start of a new year is a time of reflection for many of us.  It is a time to let go of things that aren’t working for us and move toward things that will improve our lives.  We can use this like a reset button for our lives. It is a time when many of us look at our

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Disrupt HR videos now available!

Did you miss the Disrupt HR event in September? Did you attend, but want to watch your favorite presentations again or share with colleagues? Great news!  The presentation videos are now online! Thank you to Shawna Larson and Tracy Vicario at HUB Northwest for organizing this great event! Enjoy!

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Virtual Reality Employee Training

One of the most interesting conversations I had a the NHRMA conference a few months ago was with Todd Montgomery, a professor at OSU, regarding the use of virtual reality technology for employee training. The first VR training his team developed is customer service training for the hospitality industry.  That industry has high turnover and the need for employees with

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Getting Your First HR Job

The most frequently mentioned route people used to start their careers was to sign up with temporary staffing agencies. Temp assignments are great ways to get started, get experience, get exposure to several companies and get professional references.  Often temporary assignments can get you employed and working much more quickly and with fewer hurdles than direct hire positions.  In addition to placing employees at client organizations, the agencies themselves can be great employers, especially for those with an interest in recruiting / talent acquisition.

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