Lou Radja

Lou Radja

Lou Radja uplifts, educates, and inspires individuals and teams to live a life of success and significance. Lou consults on a wide variety of topics centered around the idea that our humanity is a mutually inclusive gift that we offer each other. He inspires others to reach for their highest potential in life by leading his audience to discover their inner “Ubuntu” — the African philosophy of humanity toward others and inclusive kindness as a way of being.

Lou Radja Enterprises offer workshops, coaching, and consulting programs that will meet your team’s goals on topics such as:


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion — Build more collaborative teams that look out for each other and are united by their differences.


Change Management — Principles and practices for thriving in challenging times and managing uncertainty.


Leadership Development — Learn and implement the 6 leadership keys that will change your life at work and beyond.

A sampling of our services includes:

  • Administering assessments and using data to create a visual snapshot of your organization’s landscape.
  • Establishing feedback mechanism to ensure teams are able to drive change.
  • Facilitating engaging trainings on Ubuntu, microaggressions, unconscious bias, white privilege, cultural relevance, and more!
  • Identifying cultural needs and executing support systems around policy, process and practice.
  • Developing high-impact employee resource groups, mentorship, and succession planning.
  • Coaching leaders to capitalize on the many differences within organizations to drive growth.

Contact Joëlle Kenney at joelle@louradja.com to schedule an introductory meeting with Lou or visit our website at louradja.com. We look forward to being of service!


Lou Radja Enterprises, LLC is an Oregon Certified Emerging Small Business and Minority Business Enterprise


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