Is your organization at risk of misclassifying employees?

Is your organization at risk of misclassifying employees?

Dates: 01/06/2021

Time: 11am-12pm


Description: For most employers, compliance with wage and hour laws is one of the largest areas of risk they face. Are your employees classified as exempt or non-exempt correctly? Are you requiring your exempt, salaried employees to track their hours or require them to take paid time off in hourly increments? Are you requiring your independent contractors to come into the office and work a standard schedule? Your organization may be at risk of misclassification of jobs. Classification of jobs is based on FLSA requirements and when misclassified, an organization can be found liable for unpaid overtime going back two years, plus fines and penalties as assessed by the Department of Labor or class-action lawsuit. This session will discuss the fundamentals of the FLSA, when time is compensable and non-compensable and how to determine if your jobs are appropriately classified.


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