HR/Admin. Assistant

JOB TITLE: HR/Administrative Assistant

SUPERVISOR: Director of HR

HOURS PER WEEK: Variable/Non-Exempt

DEPARTMENT: Human Resources

The following information is designed to outline the essential functions and position requirements of this job. It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, nor address the performance standards that must be maintained.

PRIMARY FUNCTION: This position is responsible for assisting Human Resources and Administration with a variety of administrative tasks.


HR Tasks:
1. Answer phone, respond to questions, and take messages as appropriate.*
2. Assist with New Hire Orientation by creating new hire packets, transitioning new hires through different trainings, and backing-up HR Specialists as needed.*
3. Organize and plan bi-monthly new hire orientation.*
4. Manage the “Job Well Done” process, and monthly winners.*
5. Perform HR related Intranet maintenance and updates.*
6. Add/remove staff from employee communication system.*
7. Manage employee parking, Tri-Met and C-Tran enrollments/deactivations.*
8. File employee health files for terminated staff.*
9. Oversee staff license/certification auditing and follow-up.*
10. Create badges for new hires and respond to badge requests from current staff.*
11. Process Verifications of Employment as appropriate.*
12. Respond to unsolicited applicant resumes and emails as appropriate.*
13. Distribute incoming mail. *
14. Maintain employees’ personnel files by filing administrative/personnel correspondents and other documents as appropriate.*
15. Assist in performing audits and purge files in compliance with state and federal regulation.*
16. Maintain and stock office supplies. Administrative Tasks:
17. Perform Lyft reconciliations.*
18. Provide support in maintaining PCCA roster of providers.*
19. Manage TPC phone directory updates.*
20. Confirm provider on-call assignments.*
21. Act as a back-up to the executive assistant as needed, e.g. answer phones, schedule and set-up meetings and conference rooms, meeting documentation, etc.*

Other Tasks:
22. Work in a cooperative manner with managers/supervisors, co-workers, patients, and vendors.*
23. Participate as an active team member in a patient-centered medical home.
24. Abide by company policies.*
25. Additional tasks as assigned. *
26. Attend work regularly and arrive to work on time.*

Office equipment such as printer, copier, computer, phone, etc…

High School diploma or equivalent

Ability to travel around the Portland-Metro Area as needed
Filing and organizational skills
Experience with Microsoft Office
Ability to type 40 wpm
Strong interpersonal skills
Proven ability to work as a team
Proven ability to communicate well with a variety of individuals
Understands and respects the importance of employee confidentiality

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or related field
Previous Human Resource experience
Basic knowledge of labor and employment law
Experience with ADP
Compassionate, patient, tactful, diplomatic, sociable, well organized, thorough, and independent
Shows an interest in taking action to increase his/her knowledge and development as an employee
Contributes to an environment where people feel valued
Keyboarding skills
Electronic Health Record competency
Proficiency in medical software and Microsoft Windows
Organizational skills and ability to prioritize work flow
Oral communication skills and excellent phone etiquette with an ability to convey and receive information via the telephone
Competency in language, grammar, and spelling
Ability to interact and establish a good rapport with people over the telephone and in person, often in stressful situations
Capability of effectively working on more than one task without a reduction in the quality of work and service performed
Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations and to work under pressure
Ability to accept responsibility and use initiative to proceed with necessary tasks without direct supervision

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