Finding Deep Ease: Your Season-based Strengths

A Wild New Work ( presents: 

Finding Deep Ease: Your Season-based Strengths


It’s painful to work out of alignment with our strengths. It requires much more effort than when we’re flowing with what comes naturally to us.

We all have strengths: talents that have been with us since we were born. Most of us learned to focus on our weaknesses and try to get better at what was deemed valuable by our families or educators, not necessarily what we were already good at.

In this workshop, you’ll learn more about strengths from a nature-based model. We’ll go through each Season and the strengths demonstrated by each. You’ll be guided through identification exercises, group discussion, and ways to put what you’ve learned into action.

“Your deep naturalness is to be taken seriously.” -Martin Shaw

Workshop Outline:

  • An introduction to A Wild New Work’s nature-based career development model
  • The strengths and invitations of each Season
  • Small-group discussion: Which Season do you align most with? What does this say about your strengths?
  • Maximizing your strengths: late Summer and systematizing around your giftedness

Join us to learn about your inherent abilities and how to access them more in your working life.

Because there will be discussion in this workshop, it will not be recorded so that all participants feel free to speak openly.

  • Date and time of the event

Wednesday, August 12th, 11-12

  • Cost of the event

$22, but no one turned away for lack of funds

  • Location of the event


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