HR Lunch Bunch: Managing Generational Differences


HR Lunch Bunch:

Managing Generational Differences





August 5, 2020

12:00pm to 1:00pm








Deborah Jeffries, SHRM-CP, PHR, CPC, Co-President


It is 2020 and the two youngest generations comprise nearly 70 percent of global employees. During this session we will review the characteristics that distinguish each of the five generations that represent today’s workplace. As we consider the traits that differentiate each generation, we will also discuss how their communication, values, motivation and work styles impact organizations and their leadership. If we are not careful the differences can create barriers to working together efficiently. We will conclude with practical tips regarding leading, managing and communicating across the generations.


Learning Objectives:

·     Characterize each generation’s values, behaviors, and communication style.

·     Discover the unique ways the generations learn.

·     Describe strategies for relating to each generation and understanding how to best utilize the distinct talents and capabilities of each generation for successful collaboration, including leveraging differences and building community.

·     Explore opportunities to leverage differences to enhance organizational culture.\


This is intended to be an interactive session where attendees share their personal experiences, too.