Lunch Bunch: Conducting an Effective Internal Investigation

Lunch Bunch: Conducting an Effective Internal Investigation

November 4 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


No matter how carefully an organization tries to manage its employee relations and its application of policies, there will be some concerns raised and reports made.  It may be that an employee has an accident and the cause is unknown.  It could be that an employee raises a concern about sexual harassment or retaliation.  It might be that an employee alleges other employees are involved in the use of illegal substances.  It may be that a supervisor is said to be favoring one employee over others.  All these situations call for sensitive and thorough HR investigations.  This discussion will ask participant questions as well as provide some information around:

  • initial steps of handling employee reports;
  • documentation can help and hinder the investigation process; and
  • how interviews with the involved parties be handled;


Situations drawn from real workplace experiences will shared.

This is your meeting so it is a time for networking as well having you come prepared to share your experiences in what had worked and not worked with this activity from your experience as well as your chance to ask questions.