Meetup – Communicating in English for Business: Idioms and Stylistic Expressions

ProActive English presents:

Meetup – Communicating in English for Business: Idioms and Stylistic Expressions


First time attendees are always welcome.

This Meetup exists because living and working in a second or third language in another culture, is hard! It is also, however, a stimulating and deeply rewarding experience that can be made easier when improving and practicing English language skills.

The purpose of our gatherings is to help participants use English more effectively in workplace settings and improve their English communication skills for the world at-large – and to have some fun!

This gathering will include:

• Icebreaker and introduction of David Kertzner, the Meetup Organizer

• Introduction to a Business Communication Skill: Using Business Idioms and Stylistic Expressions in English:

In small talk and in meeting situations, people use idiomatic language and speak stylistically all the time. How comfortable are you listening for such expressions and distinguishing the tone or style of what is being said? This activity will help you become more aware of expressions people use in business situations and offer strategies for managing such language as a listener and a speaker. Don’t forget to bring five expressions you have heard or want learn to use appropriately!

• Skills practice and sharing in small groups

The activities David Kertzner presents will be based on 25 years of experience training employees at all levels at companies around the world – including companies and professional employees based in the Portland and Seattle metro areas.

Light refreshments provided.


To register:


Beaverton Round Executive Suites 12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300
Beaverton OR 97005


6:30 to 8:30 PM