Reference-Based Pricing “Myths and Realities”

Webinar – Reference-Based Pricing “Myths and Realities”
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
10:30am – 12:00pm (Pacific)

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of Reference-Based Pricing.  Starting with a dive into the background on the reasons reference-based pricing programs were started, we will then discuss the components of an RBP program.  The presentation will provide an explanation of key factors for identifying clients that RBP may be a viable option for.  We will also look at factors to evaluate the right TPAs, repricers, and stop loss carriers for a successful RPB program.


Top Take Aways

  • Understanding of Reference-Based Pricing Strategy
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Reference-Based Pricing Programs – what’s true versus what isn’t
  • Keys for Identifying the right clients and vendors for successful implementation of Reference-Based Pricing Programs

Speaker:  Donald L. Reiman, Founder and President of Echelon Group

Don is the founder and president of Echelon Group, a full-service employee benefits and financial services company. Don is also the author of “RESET: Harnessing Change, Fear and Risk as Catalysts for and Extraordinary Life”. The book discusses his experience with redefining success, how it impacted his life, and how it can help others.

Don is a native of Boise, Idaho and has thoroughly taken advantage of living in such a diverse area. Don regularly finds himself connecting with people wherever his adventures take him.