SUMMER AT WORK:  Seasonal Tools for Personal and Organizational Growth

SUMMER AT WORK:  Seasonal Tools for Personal and Organizational Growth

Summer is the season during which the fruits of our labors can ripen and truly be enjoyed. The days are warm and long, and the landscape around us is alight with color. In our work lives, the Summer is a window of time in which we’re invited to notice what we’ve outgrown in our career, reconnect to our strengths, and make changes that are truly aligned for us. Organizationally, we’re invited to nurture what’s already growing and highlight the projects or possibilities that are the most viable.


Like anything, Summer has its shadow side: drought, heat exhaustion, forest fires…an excess of activity in our lives or organizations can lead to burnout, and the expansion we undertake needs to be tempered with the cool waters of renewal.


In this unique session of HR Think Tank, we’ll be meeting outdoors to explore what the season of Summer has to teach us about our careers and discuss which organizational activities are most appropriate during this time of year. Using mindfulness exercises, forest therapy techniques and more, you’ll connect with yourself, your peers, and the natural world in a new way.

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When: 7/10/19
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: Map this event »
Tryon Creek State Park – Meet in front of Nature Center
11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Portland, Oregon  97219
United States
Contact: Helen DeVol
PHRMA Office: 503-655-6474

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About the Facilitator:

Megan Leatherman, MS, PHR is the Founder and Director of A Wild New Work, an ecological career development agency based in Portland, Oregon. We help dissatisfied professionals create a career that’s meaningful to them by tapping into the wisdom and rhythms of the natural world. We believe that reconnecting people to Nature is a powerful way to contribute to climate change solutions and improve the modern workplace.


Supplemental Material:

  • Questions for consideration ahead of time:
  • What have I outgrown at work since June of 2018?
  • Which parts of my career feel the most fruitful, ripe, or vibrant?
  • What projects or activities at work most align with the season of Summer?