Tech Security Essentials for Office Professionals

This is a one hour seminar on the Tech Security Essentials. You will learn about different web threats and what can you and your organization do to prevent breaches. This is a free event, with lunch (sandwiches) provided.

The capacity is 15 people and we will repeat the event on demand depending on interest. Please, waitlist yourself if the event is full. We will have further announcement about the next presentation.

No learning credits available at this time.”

Outline of the Presentation:

Current Tops Threats
CEO Fraud
Types of Threat
Web sites
Social Engineering
Mobile device compromises
Combination of the above
Authentication policies
What makes up a good password policy
How passwords are being exploited
How MFA protects access to data
Data Confidentiality
What is personal information
How do we protect it
How breaches occur
Best Practices for Breach risk mitigation


Keith Fast has been involved with data systems design, integration, maintenance and automation for over 25 years, both in private and public organizations. Keith has extensive experience in architecting high security and high availability environments using technologies such VLANS, virtualization, IPS, to meets compliance standards for PCI-DDS and HIPAA, and design and implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Keith is acutely aware of the both the benefits and challenges of technology, as a CTO of Assured Technology Solutions, LLC, which provides technology solutions for small and mid-sized business in the Pacific Northwest.